Vertical Booking CRS for Hotel Chains

The Vertical Booking CRS is the ideal solution for Hotel Chains, Hotel Management Companies, Branded Hotels and Franchise Chains, and Representation Companies.

The CRS can be set-up to suit the chain, defining which functions are managed centrally and which are managed independently for each single hotel.

An advanced reporting system provides detailed and summarised information about the performance of the chains and each hotel. Staff can be assigned different levels of access to the system according to their role within the company.

Reports can also be sent to specific profiles at pre-set times by activating the e-mail subscription feature.

The software and database structure has been designed to enable the quick and simple management of chains with a large number of hotels. Thanks to its specially designed structure, the platform does not suffer scalability problems.

The DMS can be interfaced with different Property Management Systems at the same time.

With an integrated Synchro Channel Manager and GDS connectivity, the system can manage reservations from the website, reservation centres, affiliations, IDSs and GDSs from a single platform in a quick and easy way.

Vertical Booking is the only CRS with over 200+ 'direct' interfaces with IDSs, and is by far the most complete and flexible platform for hotel chains on the market.

Vertical Booking - CRS Hotel Chains


All components of the system can be used together, singularly or they can be integrated into existing systems through XML interfaces.

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